The Doomsday Genie

A Thriller by Frank P Ryan

In the Middle East Apache gunships attack an agricultural station in the desert.
In Thirless, Arizona, MayEllen Reickhardt is waiting to meet her friend, Lucille Cordoba. MayEllen and Lucille are cactus growers. They plan to visit the annual convention in Phoenix. They will never make it.
At the Ivan Wallin Field Reserve, an ecology station in the southern Mojave, Ake Johansson is carrying a roll of computer printout back to his office from the mainframe computer in the lab. The printout – covering the last few days’ measurements in Sector 5-32 – is alarming. Soon Johansson will make an urgent call to his colleague, Kay McCann, at Berkeley.

In Atlanta CDC-based Will Grant is woken from sleep by a call from the ITU doctor at the Thirless Memorial Hospital. ‘Well, I’m telling you this is a very strange case. We’ve already sent you specimens. I certainly hope you can help us’
They don’t know it yet but it is already too late. A bioengineered weapon of mass destruction – The Doomsday Genie – is threatening America. It kills every life form it encounters upon contact. When it hits residential communities it slate wipes the entire population, and it is already fanning out to threaten the entire continent, and beyond it the world. Nothing appears capable of stopping it.

Kay McCann and Will Grant lead the small group of scientists who work in Biosafety Level 4 conditions to fight back against the Doomsday Genie. Their lives will never be the same again.


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