Author Frank P. Ryan is an international best-selling writer whose books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. His current young adult/adult fantasy trilogy opens with The Twins of Moon, recently extended with book two of the series, The Sea of Stars, both available on Kindle and in paperback, and currently gathering highly rated reviews in the fantasy media and on Amazon.

Frank’s writing has gathered widespread critical acclaim, including “Book of the Year” in the New York Times Book Review. His previous best-selling epic fantasy series, The Three Powers, opened with The Snowmelt River, which was a top-ten bestseller on amazon.co.uk, and was followed in the same fantasy series by The Tower of Bones, The Sword of Feimhin and The Return of the Arinn.

As a novelist, Frank has also written a trilogy of detective thrillers, which includes Sweet Summer, Tiger Tiger and Goodbye Baby Blue. Additionally, he has authored an apocalyptic science-fiction thriller, The Doomsday Genie.

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