Book Three of The Three Powers



'Reminiscent of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials...the epic scale is Tolkeinesque, but I also caught an air of C.S. Lewis'


 The Sword of Feimhin


The Tyrant now threatens Earth as well as Tír . . .

In a violently dystopic London, where Mark and Nantosueta are searching for Padraig and the Sword of Feimhin, Penny Postlethwaite, a gifted but emotionally troubled teenager, is mapping two Londons, the tormented 'City Above' and an eerie and frightening 'City Below'.

On Tír, an army of a hundred thousand Shee army has invaded the Wastelands, intent on attacking Ghork Mega, the Tyrant's capital city, but obstacles of malevolent cunning obstruct their path at every turn.

Meanwhile, in Dromenon, while exploring the labyrinthine roots of the Tree of Life in her attempts to save the Momu, Kate finds herself in the Land of the Dead. Her only recourse appears to lie with the serpent-dragon Nidhoggr, whose very soul is chaos...

Day by day and hour by hour the looming threat grows . . .


The Sword of Feimhin has been published in paperback and e-book in the UK, Australia and elsewhere and will soon be published in the USA and Canada.  It can be purchased at various amazon stores, including UK, US, Canada, Australia and India.


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