Book Two of The Three Powers


The four friends, Alan, Kate, Mark and Mo have entered the enchanted but war-ravaged world of Tir, bringing hope for the oppressed peoples who live there.  But Kate has been kidnapped by the Great Witch, Olc, who has imprisoned her in the Tower of Bones.  Mark is lost in Dromenon, uncertain if he still lives, and Mo is still recovering from the injuries she suffered at the battle of Ossierel.

Alan sets out to rescue Kate, but his every move is harassed by the Tyrant of the Watelands.  Olc is luring the friends into a deadly trap, for she is resurrecting the demigod, Fangorath, an immortal and and dreadful force for malice, who is said to have ended the Age of Dragons . . .


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Praise for The Tower of Bones

'RivetingPublishers Weekly

'This is an amazing series and I can't wait to read more!' Jessica, Amazon

 'Loved it! Fantastic story line. Can't wait to read more.' Talitha, Goodreads

'Witches, dragons, giant bats and musical amphibians. Marvellous characters in an amazing world. I can't wait for the next book.' Catherine, Amazon

'It is the detail that is so immersive.. . . This is a strong entry to a series and the next entry can't come soon enough.' Luke Riley, Starburst Magazine.


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