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The Twins of Moon by Frank P. Ryan


Laura H. US Independent Reader on Authorsden rated it *****

The fantastic looking cover drew my attention upon first seeing it. Congratulations to the artist for his creativity on the front and back cover. And upon reading the first page, I knew this was going to be time well spent, and it was!

The author's remarkable grasp of unused words throughout the publication is extraordinary. The characters' empathy, love, curiosity, and courage is exhibited continually as they embark on a perilous journey. This book lifts the fantasy genre to a place that will appeal to most readers. It has opened my eyes to the possibility that fantasy is a genre that could appeal to my psyche at times. And to add to that, it was refreshing to find a fantasy book that did not involve vampires and the like. At the heart, this is a story of a consciously-made family and the lengths they will go to protect, love, and understand each other. If you are searching for a storyline that keeps you completely engrossed and hesitant to put down-- you have located it.


Leading Amazon reviewer, Dennis Littrell, US author of "The World Is Not as We Think It Is" rated it *****

If Ryan had not written a fantasy novel, I would never have read one, and maybe I would have missed something. What is not to be missed here is the opportunity for a major studio to make this delight into a big screen gem. Here's what it has going for it:

A fantasy adventure tale that will keep you turning the pages.  A boy and a girl and two others running from, hey, they know not what. Forces gathering for war, hatreds fanning the flames, weird creatures, especially the terrifying Scots, the heads half the height of a man. They ride on pachydonts which I see as a kind of weird mastodon.

A beautiful appearance-altering girl who is invisible to everyone but her brother (what a shame). Well, she will be beautiful on the silver screen. A "Bird Woman" who knows things mere mortals cannot even imagine. A world filled with magic and evil, hope and fear, beauty and death.

How will it end?