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Latest blog: February 7, 2017

Wicked giveaway of 30 books

Working with an expert marketing company ( to make readers generally, and US and Canadian readers in particular, aware that The Return of the Arinn includes a major US component, including an important role for an emissary from the US President. So it's all kind of exciting, even for an old professional hand like me.

The Return of the Arinn has already had some wicked reviews from US readers. And from Saturday, February 7, I am arranging a 30 book Goodreads giveaway competition of the paperback exclusively for US and Canadian visitors. So watch out for the competition on this coming Saturday.

Ain't life full of surprises!

I'm peering out at Cock Robin, who is standing on my lawn under the bird feeder and peering right back at me. I'd put up a feeder on the weeping pear tree in my garden, cutting out a little window around it so I could watch them feed. We get a variety of birds, even in winter, many of them nesting in the bushes and stone walls that surround my ancient house and garden. But we also have resident magpies that are inclined to ambush the feeder and are capable of emptying it in a day.

But then my wife Googled the problem and came up with a solution. I should tie something reflecting, like a redundant DVD, to the tree right next to the feeder. I went one further. I dangled a redundant DVD on a string right in front of it. Big birds like magpies would have to approach the window from the front, where the DVD now dangles, meanwhile the smaller songbirds can easily come at it through the foliage from behind.

Hey presto!

No more magpies. Songbird feeding frenzy!

So how's the writing going?

I'm engaged in something unusual. My fantasy publisher has suggested I take a fresh look at The Snowmelt River to make it more amenable to foreign language translations. When translating a book into another language the foreign publisher has to pay by the word. A lengthy epic, such as The Snowmelt River, is too long for easy translation. Would it be possible to reconstruct it as two volumes?

The answer is readily.

So that's what I've been doing this week. I've put aside the new fantasy I was working on - which is now at the stage of a complete first draft - and I have returned to Snowmelt River to break it down into two volumes. The logical place for the break in the narrative is at the place where the
Temple Ship breaks out of its prison of ice and first enters the liberation of the Snowmelt River. So that's what I am doing.

I shall, of course, have to rework the closing chapter to round it off as a suitable final chapter in volume 1. But that's a simple enough endeavor. I have also decided that I would have to read through the entirety of volume 1 to ensure it reads as a proper volume in itself. It felt kind of weird reading my own writing and reworking it in this way. I've simplified the text here and there - yeah, you've got it - to make it easier for a translator.

It's the first time I have ever undertaken an exercise like this.

Ain't life full of surprises!

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