Taking Care of Harry





Mylie O'Farrell is 19 years old. By day he works as a health care assistant in a psychiatric unit in London. Off duty, he indulges his interest in music, girls and wild nights on the town with his friends, Janus and Rich, who share a ramshackle house in Westminster they call 'The Palace'. Everything changes when ex-army officer "Harry" is admitted to the Unit after purportedly trying to strangle his wife, Muriel.

Harry, who is suffering from melancholia, has no visitors so Mylie takes a special interest in the cantankerous old man. Through a series of stormy if humour-laden encounters, the young man and old man become friends, each allowing the other a glimpse into the deepest and most intimate secrets of their lives. This is also the story of the women in their lives, of Muriel and Tabi. As, little by little, Mylie realises that Harry is harbouring a secret terror, he sets about bringing this into the open so that his friend can be set free.

At times raucously comical, it is also suffused with great joy, sorrow, and a haunting sense of beauty - a funny, beautiful and poignant story that has inspired film makers and poets.


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Book Reviews

"A great story full of humanity." Kenny Grant Glenaan, UK film director (Cops, Eastenders etc)

"A wonderful novel with huge potential." Chip Rossetti, New York.

"The best book I have read in years." Tony Capstick, BBC, UK

"This book could change lives." Margaret Thomas, USA.

Fiction; Hardcover; 282 pages; ISBN 978-1-874082-35-4; Publication 2001; Price £15.99.


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