The Characters and Magical Entities of the Three Powers Epic Fantasy Series


Characters & Entities


Human Characters on Earth:

Alan Duval - One of the four friends. Bears the Oraculum of the First Power, the Power of the Land, in his brow.

Kate Shaunessy - One of the four friends. Bears the Oraculum of the Second Power, Life and Healing, in her brow.

Mark Grimstone - One of the four friends. Bears the Oraculum of the Third Power, the Power of Death, in his brow.

Maureen (little Mo) Grimstone - One of the four friends. Bequeathed the Torus of the True Believers from her Aboriginal mother.

Nantosueta (Nan) - Mark's girl-friend and co-sharer of the Oraculum of the Third Power. Queen of Monisle on Tír.

Penny Postlethwaite - Shares the London squat, "Our Place", with Gully Doughty.

Gully Doughty - Shares the London squat, "Our Place", with Penny Postlethewaite.

Bethal Grimstone - Adoptive mother of Mark and Maureen Grimstone. Wife of R. Silas Grimstone.

R. Silas Grimstone - Brutal adoptive father of Mark and Maureen (Mo).

Padraig O'Brien - Alan Duval's maternal grandfather.

Mala - Maureen's (Mo's) biological mother.

Fergal Shaunessy - Paternal uncle, and guardian, of Kate Shaunessy.

Caleb Dunne (Cal) - Leader of the rebel "Crew". 

Tajh Madine - Member of the "Crew". 

Sharkey - Member of the "Crew".

Cogwheel - Member of the "Crew".

Bull - Member of the "Crew".

Jo Derby - Sociologist.

Paramilitaries - Mercenaries under Grimstone's control.

Leathers, skull squads - Thugs, under Grimstone's control.

Field Marshall Marcus Seebox - Ally of Grimstone.

Father Noel Touhey - Retired Catholic priest in London.


Non-human beings on Earth

Henriette Boleyn - Father Touhey's Belizean housekeeper.

Scalpie - Sacred warrior and servant of the Tyrant.

Grimling - Flying goblin.

Akkharu - Creators of the City Below.

Jeremiah - Darkly spiritual being with a secret agenda and identity.


Humans on Tír

Milish - Councilwoman and ambassador for the High Council in Exile.

Nantosueta (Nan) - Queen of Monisle on Tír but now Mark's girl-friend and co-shares the Oraculum of the Third Power with him.

Ebrit - Prince of the City of Carfon.


Non Humans on Tír:

Granny Dew -Earth mother.

The Olhyiu - Warrior fisher people of bear origins.

Siam - Chief of the Olhyiu.

Kehloke - Wife of Siam.   

Kemtuk Lapeep - Original shaman of the Olhiu.

Turkeya - Son of Siam and new shaman of the Olhyiu.

Snakoil Kawkaw - Olhyiu traitor and spy.

Topgal - Siam's brother-in-law.

The Shee - Race of female warriors that can metamorphose into great cats.

Ussha De Danaan - Last High Architect of Ossierel.

The Aides - Assistants to the Shee, skilled in herb lore, weaponry and battle wounds.

Ainé - Hereditary leader, or Kyra, of the Shee.

Bétaald - Spiritual leader of the Shee.

Valéra - Shee-in-novitiate.

Layheas - An Aides. 

The Garg - Winged warrior race, also known as the Eyrie People.

Iyezzz - Garg Prince.

Zelnesakkk - Garg King and Iyezzz's father.

Shah-nur-Kian - Garg Queen and mother of Iyezzz.

Mahteman - Garg high shaman. 

Qwenuncqweqwatenzian-Phaetentiatzen - Garg word for the Dragon God.

The Fir Bolg - Dwarf warrior race of ancient times, extinct other than Qwenqwo Cuatzel.

Qwenqwo Cuatzel - Dwarf-mage and sole survivor of the Fir Bolg.

The Cill - Amphibian race who inhabit Ulla Quemar.

The Momu - Leader of the Cill.

Magtokk - Wizard of legend, said to have great wisdom and powers of prediction.

Shikarr - Great serpent and Queen of the Snowmelt River.

Siri - Succubus.

Elaru - Spirit being, linked to Urale.

Urale - a minor god in The Sword of Feimhin.

Soup Scully Oops - Preceptress and spy for the Tyrant.

Nidhoggr - Dragon of chaos coiled around the roots of the Tree of Life.

The Yoolf - Demon twins.

The Keepers of Night and Day - beings that witness the ends of races and worlds.

Thesau - a True Believer in the form of an eagle that can ferry people through Dromenon and across time and space.

Usrua - the Shee who protects Mo on the journey to Ghork Mega.

Onkkh - enormous flightless birds, that would be deployed with their high-walled baskets of burden, to carry food and shelter for the invading army.

Akkharu - the builders underground in the valley of the pyramids of skulls.