Breaking Free From The Ice-bound Lake


He gave the command with his lips drawn back over gritted teeth, his focus never faltering upon that centre of seething energy in the sky. His arm tensed and his fingers closed even tighter on the Spear of Lug, until it felt as if it were one with his white-knuckled fist. Abruptly, he brought the spear down and directed all of his will at the ship. The bolt of lightning struck the central mast with a brilliant explosion of light, which cascaded downwards, over decks and rigging, before finally erupting out over the lake. Where the army of sleds had been circling, a fountain of ice and water now erupted, a spuming mushroom of dissipating energy, flooding the landscape from the white-glowing superstructure of the great galleon. Alan stood rigidly still, his eyes blinded by the light, his hearing deafened by the thunder. From what appeared to be some distance away, he heard a great roar of triumph from the Olhyiu as the surface of the frozen lake shattered into a myriad fragments, the boats tossing and bucking as they began to move under the wind. The tempest billowed sails as their ears were filled by the roars of beasts trapped in their harnesses and the shouts of drowning men against the gale.