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My new fantasy novel, The Twins of Moon, is now published both in paperback and kindle. We have made it easy to buy on our shopping page, where visitors from the UK and Ireland will be able to get it postage free.  Visitors from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - indeed anywhere else in the world other than the UK & Ireland - will benefit from our sponsoring half the postage costs.  Just check the right alternative on the shopping page. 

To find out more about The Twins of Moon, including a free preview and massive price reduction for Christmas, click here.


*** Breaking News ***

The prices of the kindles of The Twins of Moon, The Doomsday Genie and Goodbye Baby Blue are all reduced to to a giveaway $0.99 until New Year. Grab these bargains while the offer lasts!


At present we have less than fifty first editions left, so order as soon as you can so you get a special first edition copy.

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The Three Powers


Meet the extraordinary Penny Postlethwaite from The Sword of Feimhin and The Return of the Arinn




Welcome to many adventures that will take you into the Island of Moon, in the archipelago of the Sea of Stars . . . Or from the pinnacle of the The Mountain of Women to the Land of the Dead . . . Or from the dizzying landscape of the Snowmelt River, to Dromenon, an in-between world of exquisite possibility and also terrifying nightmare.  Expect the unexpected.  See what some of the reviewers of The Three Powers say here.

Do you need help with your own writing? Click here for some free advice from my own bestselling experience.  Meanwhile, do come and join me in the adventures. Simply click on the Fir Bolg battleaxe below . . .  And may the Powers bring you good luck on your epid odyssey . . .

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